Timothy Henriksen (THEN) is a musician and an aspiring producer, based out of Luleå in the very north of Sweden. Timothy plays guitar and bass, with the guitar being his primary instrument.

With influences like Metallica, In Flames, Trivium and many more, he creates his own unique and melodic sound.

Besides making his own music, he also does covers, trying out gear and shares his journey from novice to (hopefully) pro on his social media platforms.

He’s expecting to drop his first official EP later this year or early next year. Make sure to check that out!


“When I tried the precision pick, I instantly felt that this was the right pick for me. I have been looking for a sharp pick with a really good grip.  I’ve tried them all, but this was just a perfect match. Alternate picking have never been easier. It’s great for both guitar and bass.

With this pick you will have absolute control and the grip is just great, to say the least. I can’t wait to record my music with this pick!

Find (THEN) here

Tom Guitarthy

Tom Guitarthy is a top class stringed wizard, capable of all sorts. You can find him routinely shredding it up on Instagram!


He has kindly  been trialing our picks and so far feedback has been great. Click the link below to see a demo and make sure you follow him!

Find Tom here

King of the Dead

King of the Dead are a band that are not afraid to be bold. The 3 piece Horror Rock band are a celebration of the macabre and the weird. The music is anthemic and dark (think 30 Seconds To Mars meets Ghost) with driving guitars and soaring vocals. “Control” is the start of a 5 song story about sacrifice, possession and the occult.

Find them on Spotify

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