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I'm Dan, I've been passionate about guitar playing since I was little. I'm now ripely heading upwards in numbers and having cut my teeth designing bits of seriously high performing tech companies I decided I wanted to take some of that passion and create something useful to other guitarists!

I want to act fast, so I'm designing the business as I develop the products. The first is a call to arms. When I was thinking about my first product, everything came down to brass tax. How could I make something simple, reliable, fast and really make a difference? The answer is simple, make tools for the job and no more, no gimmicks, no nonsense. So every feature of every thing you find at Dan's Guitar Store has a specific purpose in mind to help you play better. Enjoy!

So the plan? Disrupt. Technology, markets and retail are changing... Why not guitar?​

  • We will maximise speed to market

  • We will carry a super-low operational base

  • We will design the products our most dedicated customers want

  • We're going to leverage a top quality global supply chain

  • We're going to get the most features to the biggest market

  • We will pass value to the customers

  • Kaizen

Are you interested? Do you want to help? We are looking for distributors, marketing partners and investors to accelerate growth potential


From March 2021

Precision Pick

Release 1 - Q2

Launching the Precision Pick and standard picks. Other supporting products to enter the shops

Precision Pick 2.0

Release 1.1 - Q3

Incorporate review feedback and widen Precision Pick options + improve the Precision Pick design

New Product Launch

Release 2 - Q4

Options TBC - surveys to go out