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LOWDOWN formed early in 2022 out of a need to RIFF HARD and PLAY HARD!

After the world was shut down for what seemed like forever, the guys needed to find a way to enjoy themselves like never before.

The plan was simple, PLAY RIFFS and DRINK BEER.

Early 2023 saw the release of the “All Hail The Riff EP”

“…pinch harmonics fly around the room as if celebrating the legacy of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons using Dimebag Darrell’s guitar rig…”

Scream blast repeat EP review.

With a passionate following of fans and a party vibe, the onslaught of shows quickly cemented LOWDOWN as a local favourite.

LOWDOWN have now signed a worldwide deal with DAMAGE RECORDS to release their first album and cannot wait to send it out into the world with the support of DAMAGE RECORDS!

Now with sights on the UK and the EU, keep your eyes open for more from LOWDOWN…


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