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Nathan Harlow - Burner

Nathan Harlow - Burner

A little about Burner:

Burner are far more than upstarts in the UK underground scene, they boast an impressive record of performances since their live debut in early 2022, including a full UK tour in support of Employed to Serve, slots on some of the UK’s biggest heavy music festivals including Bloodstock, 2000 Trees and Incineration, a main support slot with Sylosis on their recent UK & Ireland tour, as well as performances alongside Suffocation, Evile, Portrayal of Guilt, Tuskar, and many more, a testament to the considerable impression they’ve made on some of the world’s most respected heavy artists.

Burner saw their debut album, “It All Returns to Nothing” land impressive spots on album of the year lists, including placing in Metal Hammer’s “50 best albums of 2023”, and securing a spot on Metal Hammer’s “10 best Death Metal albums of 2023”. ‘It All Returns to Nothing’ also placed on album of the year 2023 lists from the likes of Noizze, No Clean Singing, GBHBL, Ed Gamble on Radio X, Ghost Cult and more.

Burner possess the incredible ability to weave death metal, hardcore and fractions of black metal into their calculated disorder. With most bands having palpable influences, Burner impresses further by wearing theirs with a sense of real diversity, touching everything from Trap Them, Darkest Hour, and Gatecreeper to Converge and Bolt Thrower.

What Nathan said:

“The Precision Pick from Dan’s Guitar Store has absolutely changed the game. I’d been struggling to find a pick that really worked for me, going back and forth between other picks that each had their own strengths, but never ticked all the boxes, until I got hold of the original Precision Pick. Immediately I had everything I needed from a pick, then came along the Tapered 0.80 which impressed even further.

The greatest compliment I can give this pick is that I don’t think about it when I’m playing. I’m not worrying about my grip, or the pick rotating in my hand, and it doesn’t wear down in 20-minutes like so many others I’ve tried. It gives the perfect balance of control and aggression, with excellent pick attack and none of that annoying chirp. At times in Burner’s set I need to go from all out heavy handed riffing, hammering the strings, to very light and soft clean playing, and the Tapered 0.80 gives me complete control without ever having to worry, I can focus entirely on my performance.

I’m incredibly stoked to be representing Dan’s Guitar Store and the amazing picks they produce, alongside some other genuinely incredible musicians.”

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