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Paul Templing - Gloryhammer

Paul Templing - Gloryhammer

Like other most other spacelords, Paul Templing (aka Ser Proletius) features across numerous databases, probably involuntarily, with varied information pertaining to their profile. But lets look at the facts, Ser Proletius has at least once led an army to destroy all of reality, as sung in the great tombs of Gloryhammer. What do we know from this? Well as far as I can tell he did it all with some Knights of Evil and a guitar.

Right... well... that kind of guitar wielding surely has to have something in it....


Probably best to witness it yourself when he's crusading around the world with the mighty Gloryhammer.

Qu'utilisent-ils ?

Achetez-les ici :

Voyez-les en action ici :
(vous ne voyez pas de vidéo de l'artiste ? elle sera bientôt avec nous..)

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