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Best Pick - grippy or slippy

Why do we need to worry about grip when playing guitar?

For picks, grip is key to control and more control makes playing easier, but it's not easy to get that. Imagine you're on stage, you think you've got it nailed but then you start to sweat... So you grip harder. Then you're getting properly into it, about to strike that perfect bend or shred that run in front of your INSERT SIGNIFICANT OTHER/INTEREST HERE and you sweat more. Suddenly at the most important moment in your life, your pick is slipping away and with it goes any shred of credibility.

How can we avoid that life-changing catastrophe?

Manufacturers have been working out how to prevent you dropping picks and ruining your life. There are plenty of different approaches, from material choice - e.g. acrylic and somethingtex - to concave shape and textured surface. For a lot of reasons, we think textured surfaces are the best, but again choices.

Even the best choice isn't perfect yet

The other problem is that fingers are unpredictable. Even major brands have issues with this. Trying to cater for everyone, on the grippiest end one pick won't even let you re-position it. Other supposedly grippy picks need you to grab hard - sore thumb anyone?

Learning lessons and evolving

So what to do? Learn from mistakes and refine. The Precision Pick maps the shape of your thumb and fingers, whilst providing a textured surface that will grab proactively to just the right depth. We think this will provide just the right balance between fly-tape stick and ever being able to put it down again.

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