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Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper

What would Cam say?

Guitarist from the UK, completely self-taught and have been playing since I was 7. I play Hard Rock including AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne and more modern influences including Alter Bridge and Steel Panther. I graduated with a First Class (BA Hons) Music Business Degree with the University of Sussex, studying it at BIMM Manchester.

What would I say?

Cam is the person new and great guitarists are looking to for inspiration and guidance! Born a guitarist, Cam brings the style of Van Halen, later 80s rock virtuosos like Vai and the blues to life with a modern feel. Through sheer skill, sincerity and pazazz Cam has earnt himself a cool 100k+ followers and many more viewers.... they watch for a reason. Not to mention he's the man the BBC go to for guitar lessons!

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