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Lewis Blake - Overpower

Lewis Blake - Overpower

Lewis Blake of UK-based hardcore-thrash crossover, Overpower.

A little about Overpower:

“Ooh... it chugs!!” – Alyx Holcombe (BBC Radio 1 / Kerrang)

Since forming in 2019, overpower have become a dominant force within the UK's thriving underground metal scene, due to their explosive live shows and ruthless determination to make their name synonymous with all things thrash.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Counterparts, cro-mags, Drain, Rough Justice, Creeping Death, guilt trip, the hell, higher power, Static dress, Frozen Soul, Pest Control and grove street, overpower are quickly becoming one of the UK's most notable unsigned acts.

"A star thats been shining bright on our scene are crossover merchants OVERPOWER, one of the UK’s best at what they do" - Mass Movement

"Crossover thrash is their main game , as proven by heart-racing tempos and shredding solos. expect big things from Bristol’s Overpower" - No Echo

What Lewis said:

"I'm absolutely delighted to represent Dan's Guitar Store; aside from making the greatest picks on Earth, Dan has been a real champion of innovative guitar, and has backed myself and Overpower since the early days. I've tried a LOT of picks, and just when I thought it couldn't get better than the OG Precision Pick, DGS up the game again with the tapered series. The .80mm Tapered Precision Pick gives you enough to hold on to when you're flooring it, but the tapered precision point keeps things as clean as you can get it!"

Super comfortable, full bodied tone with plenty of attack and they're hard to lose on even the darkest stages!

Look out for their signature Overpower Tapered 0.80 picks at shows across the UK!

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