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The refill-pack gives you 10 more of your choice and 1x Pick Grabber!



  • 10x Picks of your selection
  • 1x Pick Grabber! Designed to fit between the strings on the headstock this will dampen the noise above-the-nut and keep your picks safe!


Shipping Info

Ships from the United Kingdom

Precision Pick and Grabber!

Pick Type
    • High precision tip. Sharper designed to reduce effort and increase consistency.
    • Exceptionally tactile grip pattern. Finger-print sensitive pattern means you have control however you hold it.
    • Double-bevelled edges. Mean you can attack the string however you want
    • Low wear edges. Double-bevelled edges mean your pick plays as long as you do.
    • Sized for speed and control. Right-sized platform and whole-surface grip means you can grip as close to the tip as you dare and have the confidence to go wild!
    • Stunning colour. Never lose it when you drop it.
    • Ultimate Tone. Using specialised nylon, shape and geometry to give you a balanced pick attack, light weight and flex.
  • Ships from the UK