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Controla con facilidad

​El tamaño perfecto, el borde doblemente biselado, el máximo agarre y un calibre pesado te permiten atacar la cuerda como quieras.

El agarre multicapa desde la parte superior hasta la punta significa que nunca te resbalarás.


​Precisión quirúrgica

La punta de la daga significa que puedes atacar constantemente tan rápido como te atrevas y cada golpe sonará.


Slaying Tools

"If you need pick attack. Pick scrapes. Sharp pointy picks that make you riff like James hetfield. Then these are for you. Literally changed my life"  --Jamie Slays

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​Controlar. Agarre. Precisión. Tono.


'An intervention,' 'new favourite', 'validated', how can a pick be so impressive?!' 'My new pick of choice', 'The grip is superb!', "every single mm of this is like someone has sat down and worked on it from the ground up and you just can't fault that. ", 

This pick will take you to the edge. It gives you maximum control, perfect grip, ultimate precision and clarity through a no-compromise blend of material, shape and surface. When you hold it, it is a part of you. Own it. Learn more in our blog, gallery and shop

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Dans Guitar Store Reel 4K

Dans Guitar Store Reel 4K

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The Precision Pick

The Precision Pick

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Feedback below has been provided with no incentive from pre-order customers:

Bojackholmesman: "Astounding pick, welll done. The material is perfect, the

feel of the strings is amazing... so accurate ... grippy without being abrasive... It's everything I look for in a pick"

Mikeynod: "I love them! Feel really nice and grippy and lots of options because of the pointy edges.. makes pinch harmonics dead easy."

Harryforster: "I love these already!"

Simondevine67: "I love the picks, they are great"

NJM: "How can a pick be so impressive?!" 

Michaeldadofgirls: "First impressions are great, nice tactile feel with plenty of grip"

Aaronguitar21: "I really clearly hear the sound of my guitar... the picks are just as amazing as your response time on Instagram!"

Jamie_r77: "First impressions are ++++++" 

Martync90: "thanks for creating such an amazing pick and geting them out so fast! Definitely my new pick of choice"

TomGuitarthy: "My new pick of choice!"

Loxleyguitarsuk: "I've used all sorts over the years but these stand out!"

Eggingtonjohn: "The grip is superb!"

Falseheads: "They're peng!"


¡Vea la púa de precisión en uso!




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