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Control. Grip. Precision.

The Precision Pick is aimed at guitarists who need maximum control, just the right grip and ultimate precision. When you hold this pick, it is a part of you. Own it.


Inspired in part by motor-racing every design element of this pick and is functional and the fact it looks great is the sum of it's parts!

Launching July 2021. Pre-order here and now to get it early!

Control with ease

Optimised size, double-beveled edge, ultimate grip and a heavy gauge mean you can attack the string however you want.

Surgical precision

The dagger point means you can attack consistently as fast as you dare and every strike will ring.

Maximum grip

Multi-layered grip from top to tip allows you to hold the pick as close to the strings as you dare and the extra surface means you'll never slip.

The Precision Pick - 10 PACK (PRE-ORDER)

The Precision Pick - 10 PACK (PRE-ORDER)