Store Policies


We accept returns for as-new or faulty items. To raise a return, within 14 days of receipt, send a request containing the reason and evidence (if faulty on delivery) with the relevant order number in the subject to The customer then has 14 days more to return the item to the store in appropriate packaging at their convenience and subject to the product being proven as-new or faulty, will receive refund to their initial payment method within 14 days.

Data Privacy:

We operate within the UK which operates one of the highest levels of data privacy regulation and consumer protection in the world.

Data will be collected and used securely only to enable purchases or (where you opt in), limited to the degree which enables you to receive future notifications (product, event, content), mailing lists or to connect with us on social media.


We hold our suppliers to the highest account to ensure our products are ethical.

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