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Store Policies


We accept returns for as-new or faulty items. To raise a return, within 14 days of receipt, send a request containing the reason and evidence (if faulty on delivery) with the relevant order number in the subject to The customer then has 14 days more to return the item to the store in appropriate packaging at their convenience and subject to the product being proven as-new or faulty, will receive refund to their initial payment method within 14 days.

Global shipping and import taxes:

The buyer is responsible for understanding and paying any import tax or national VAT due when purchasing from outside the UK. We are a very small UK based company which ships globally and our goal is to give you the best possible price for each of our products - we do this by running a low margin. However, sadly the recent Brexit and subsequent import and export policy changes mean European buyers may need to pay additional tax on entry to your country. If this is the case, you will be notified by email or letter with the amount due, so please keep an eye out for emails from regional postal services.

Items lost in post:

It hasn't happened to us yet... but it is inevitable that in the millions of letters sent every day, things could go missing. We capture proof of postage on all deliveries and will do our best to track down your parcel, however we can only track items whereabouts if you purchased signed delivery. If your delivery is missing our process for handling missing deliveries is from the point of complaint:

  • Wk1 - Confirm dispatch date

  • Wk2-4 - wait for any possible returns due to wrong address or other factors. If your address is incorrectly entered into our system, the delivery will eventually be returned to us if within the UK and potentially destroyed by customs if abroad.  If returned, at our discretion you may be required to pay additional postage to re-send. If destroyed you will be liable for repurchase, at our discretion.

  • Wk5 - Query the postal service and if necessary open a case for refund. From this we will await the outcome and if accepted we will return the refund to yourself.

Data Privacy:

We operate within the UK which operates one of the highest levels of data privacy regulation and consumer protection in the world.

Data will be collected and used securely only to enable purchases or (where you opt in), limited to the degree which enables you to receive future notifications (product, event, content), mailing lists or to connect with us on social media.


We hold our suppliers to the highest account to ensure our products are ethical.

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