Distributors and Dealers

We want you to find the Precision Pick everywhere, instant access and great value. Below are the vendors you can purchase our products from:

UK Shops

We know 9 out of 10 guitarists still go to real shops, so you need the picks in the right places! Here are the shops we partner with:

Guitar Shack Sheffield - quality custom guitars, repairs, tuition in the heart of Sheffield, UK.

Queens road 586

Sheffield, uk S24DU

Do you want to sell or distribute our products? Contact us via info@dansguitarstore.com.

UK, US and Canada Online

Our shop, here - By selling directly to you we can offer the best price and create a secure platform. Postage is free for all UK orders and charged at international signed rates for US and Canada.

UK and EU Online

Amazon - search for Dan's Guitar Store. That's right we are a Prime seller on Amazon.