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New in 2024!

A dagger point with refined edges gives you control and clarity

Precision Pick Premium

Two very different designs give you the ultimate in control and feel thanks to their premium materials, thicker body, diverse edge profiles and a translucent high grip pattern.

In the left corner, a 2mm weapon with the edge from the Precision Pick Mini for absolute clarity and maximum control.
In the right corner a 3mm behemoth with a rounder edge for a fuller attack.

Choose your weapon.

Double-bevelled edge and Precision tip give you absolute control

Precision Pick Tapered

The Precision Pick Tapered series is your guitar cheat-code. These picks give you maximum control with a softer attack and more flex. This is done by delivering a thicker gripping end and lighter picking end.

The dagger point means you can attack consistently as fast as you dare and every strike will ring.

Precision Pick XL

The Precision Pick XL is designed for those who need more pick with advanced features for precision and control. It features an oversized gripping surface for more purchase, a streamlined edge to help with the most precise playing and a solid 1.6mm body for durability and tone.

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