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What a year! We're on the home straight, although depending on your view that might be too soon.. It's been a fast year!

So what's new? Lets do bands first!


Picks for the road

You know a band is epic when they sound better live and their record already sounds great. We're extremely proud that Bootyard Bandits consider the Precision Pick an essential on their touring duties as well as in the studio. According to the band, "the picks that power the machine!"

Hot off the launch of their new album Songs for the Saddle Sore, Bootyard Bandits are blending immense riffage, thundrous groove, a big country vibe and a mean stage show to convince you that their hoe-down is a show-down.

You can find them touring with the awesome Alestorm and Gloryhammer right now! Make sure you check them out. Spotify link here

Serpent Unleashed

Then has now released his first EP, Serpents and it delivers! Tonnes of thick riffage and intricate, heart-rending melodies. Then has been one of our earliest advocates and has been using our pick to sharpen his tone and deal with the demands for dexterity and speed in the different styles his music crosses. Very proud to be on the journey!

Hear it on Spotify now here . Personal favourite, Biting the Bullet.


Also, a quick thanks to both @jamieslaysofficial and @jackwood_guitar for taking a plunge on our picks and really spreading the word! You just have to see brief clips to understand the talent they both possess!


Christmas looms... Lots of exciting stuff to put on the Christmas list but we've all been sitting down for the past 2 years and a giant sock full of chocolate is probably not any-ones vision of happiness. What could you fill the stocking with instead? Well... I am sure Precision Picks and Pick Grabbers for one!

So for December, what's new?

  • Precision Picks are available and fulfilled by If you are in the UK, this is the fastest place to get your Precision Pick fix.

  • A new colour is coming shortly (sold here only). Watch closely!

  • Next batch of Prototypes is WIP. Think we will have a new shape and a build on the V2s. Lets see what happens eh.. Expect a few of the V1 and V2 shapes to arrive first.


That's right, it's Christmas season and tis the season of giving. So from Sunday 5th, we're going to continue the 3 for 2 right up to 20th December. Code is "BF2g1". Note, because it's tricky we're not yet doing this on Amazon. Keep watch, this may change.

Postage - getting faster

Christmas comes fast. We're adding a first-class signed-for service for postage to ensure your purchase can get to you bang on time. To be clear, we can't guarantee Royal Mails abilities, but this should get things to you faster.


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