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Floodgates open, awesome feedback!

What's new?

Congratulations all you who pre-ordered picks. They are now with you or arriving imminently! We've had some great feedback so far and I'm feeling really happy with where things are! Please keep sharing your thoughts social media, reviews, wherever! And tell me about it!

We've also had our first pick-subscriptions. Strongly recommend this as it gives you a great discount if you play alot!

You can now buy our picks from Guitar Shack, Sheffield and were working to expand to other stores near and far.

So what's coming up?

Official launch date 1st July. By coincidence aligns (Nearly) with Independence Day and Canada Day! I sense a discount coming for all regions!

Thinking about the globe as well, I don't think we can do free postage just yet but I'm minded to create a bulk buy pack to sink some of the postage cost.

Our pick will be available via Amazon (prime) from 1st July. This is ultimate convenience for you, I mean who doesn't use Amazon these days?!

We're committed to events with the Northern Guitar Show, in the UK. Expect trade discounts

I'm starting to think about new products. Big question, do more with picks or shift to pedals? What about collaborations with others? I really rate the artisans you can see on Instagram etc. What about t-shirts? Lots of choice! If you want something don't be shy, send us a message!

And possible musical collaborations or endorsements, building on our connections already. If you've not heard Tom Guitarthy or Falseheads check them out.


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