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October already, new products!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

It's been a while since I last wrote! Hopefully you've not felt out in the cold though, with Instagram, artist and email updates!

So what's new?

Since launch we've received unanimous feedback that the Precision Pick is the new go to! I'm can't say how proud I feel that you've adopted this view, so thank you; and if you haven't tried them yet please do!

I've been very aware we only really sell one product, so this October this had changed!

New to the shop:

Pick Grippers - You can now decorate your guitar with our uniquely designed Pick Grippers. Full of character and discrete on brand they're a great way to enhance your look and hold your picks!

Silicone Picks - I had feedback that our Precision Pick is a bit strong for ukulele playing and could make strumming difficult. So we've launched a new line of picks using a hard wearing, highly flexible silicone. Laser cut with options for 2mm or 5mm, these will be great for quiet strumming or Uke fanatics!

New T-Shirts - guitarists need clothes! So we've taken our instantly recognisable

brand and updated our t-shirt choice; Your staple sportswear and gigging shirts!

Loxley Guitars - we're partnering with renowned luthier, Matt Loxley, to provide a run of his Cygnus model guitar. You can order from our store with options to customise and talk with Matt directly, and we will ship anywhere in the UK, US and Canada. The guitars are in production now so pre-order to avoid disappointment! Check the them out on our site.


We're proud to announce our endorsement of the epic Bootyard Bandits! These guys will bring it home with their unique take on NWOBHM!

King of the Dead have successfully raised funds for their multimedia release, The Summoning. Keep an eye out for the playthroughs, releases and more.

THEN is currently mixing his new recording and we expect news on this imminently! Check his Instagram or YouTube for behind the scenes footage

Thats it! Thanks for reading!



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