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Differences - Wear

In picks, 0.01mm makes a big difference. Material, angles, thickness, grip pattern and more. So even micro-variations in just one of those factors can create a huge difference to the player. Such as the material choice. Manufacturers are promoting varieties of Delrin - also known as Tortex, Duralin etc - as grip inducing, long-wear products.

A recent comparison below shows the rate of wear between two similarly styled picks,

The Test

Two brand new picks were subject to 5 minutes of thrashing the same riff over and over again; Take No Prisioners by Megadeth, played on a 26.5 scale Ibanez with 10-46s by someone a bit clumsy in case anyone asks,

The black pick is delrin and the green, a unique nylon. Otherwise, both are 1.5mm, both XL sized, both beveled, both sharp. Both promote grip, precision and long life as benefits.

The result was surprising. Among other differences in feel, I was not expecting them to wear so differently. On the left, you can see on the Precision Pick only the faintest evidence of use, whilst the alternative product shows significant deformation.


The type of wear seen in the black pick is going to cause a problem. If it doesn't catch, over time continuing to use that pick will force you to adapt your technique to compensate. So you will end up buying more to keep up or compromising your abilities...

Anecdotally, there was only a slight difference in tone, so this truly is a playing issue rather than part of your sound...


Your pick your bridge. How you experience it will be different but it's important that picks are predictable. Keep experimenting with materials. Results are not always what you'd expect. There are many materials too choose from: cast acrylic, wood, nylon, carbon fibre, celluloid and so on.


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