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Precision Pick Launched and First Review!

Welcome to Dan's Guitar Store! Today marks the first day the Precision Pick is available to buy. We've been trailing and managing pre-orders for the past 2 months and feedback is great, so I'm very pleased to announce the more general availability!

So what?!

I also wanted to share why the Precision Pick is special, brazenly I believe our marketing spiel, so: "This pick will take you to the edge. It gives you maximum control, perfect grip, ultimate precision and clarity through a no-compromise blend of material, shape and surface. When you hold it, it is a part of you. Own it."

First Review

If you want to find out more, users have been sharing videos and the proof is in the pudding:

  • First Review On our Media Gallery, Great comparison by Chris from IonicPedals and some demos I've provided. You can really hear the difference

  • On our Instagram shop @dansguitarstore you can find plenty of great samples from pre-order customers

  • On our site Tom Guitarthy has provided some great play-throughs you can find on

Buy it from Amazon

As we roll out I'm mindful that on the high-street of the internet, we' re probably on a backstreet at the moment! So, if you are an Amazon user, you can also buy our product here (on prime!): you can buy.


Finally, I want to say a special thanks to those who have provided feedback, enthusiasm, promoted us on social media or already love the product!

More to come

Keep tuned in, we've got more ideas in the pipeline, are actively gathering feedback for the next product and will be posting more reviews and promotions as they come!


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