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What a wild couple of weeks!

Hello Everyone!

What a couple of weeks it's been! Since launching on 1st July we've been inundated with orders which can only be a good thing! As well as that we've had some great feedback and made some more positive moves into shops. So in no particular order:

We're building up a great catalogue of other players strutting their stuff using our picks. Some of this is posted on our website, but alot is also in the Instagram shop. If you don't already, I suggest you follow us on @dansguitarstore on Instagram.

I'm really excited to highlight that we are now shipping to most of Europe, the US and Canada. Our ambition is to ship globally although there are local taxation and logistical issues which mean we'll approach each new region with caution. That said, if you are outside of the aforementioned locations and want to order, drop us a line!

In real shops, if you're in the UK, you're going to start seeing our products, keep checking our Dealer and Distributor page to find out more. We are starting to look for partners abroad as well, which should make buying in the US, Canada, Europe etc more convenient. If you want to be in either part of this journey, drop us a line.

Alot of you are asking what the next product will be like or if there will be one. Your feedback has been great and continues to inform what we'll focus on next. If you have an opinion and haven't shared, please do! As soon as we can we'll start proper development on the next iteration, can't wait!

Just to add, the biggest and most satisfying feedback so far is the impact the pick has on your tone. The videos tell it all, huge sound!

Finally, it looks like we'll be doing some work with a really innovative guitar company in the near future. Keep checking back to find out more!

Please keep sharing your comments, videos and reviews on Instagram, it helps spread the word and build big trust!

All the best!



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