Is your pick holding you back?

Does your pick make you faster?

Picks need to move fast. They need to change direction quickly and be easy to control, so you can move with as little effort as possible. My personal view is the Jazz 3 is currently the best established attempt. It's small, light and fairly hard, all of which help. They say once you go to a smaller harder pick you don't go back. It's like your little secret and you wonder how anyone every played with something bigger.

The reigning champion

The Jazz 3 has existed for many generations and it's a staple of shredders, lead players, jazz players (you'd hope) and anyone who has a need for speed and control. "But that can't be it," you say, "it's barely changed for 20 years!" Definitely not. Before there was the Jazz 3 there was... Not the Jazz 3. People hadn't figured it out. So now everyone riding the crest of high speed smugness may actually be playing in treacle compared to the art of the possible. So what are the options?

And now for something completely different...

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