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Soho Sound Company audio-gear - here!

New Products!

Hello, I'm pleased to announce we're now stocking Soho Sound Company audio gear! Hailing from London, Soho Sound Company are fantastically innovative. From a strong musical background, they bring a new take on key products focussed on guitarists, like their 10w split-in-half Cylinder bluetooth speakers and the ridiculously guitarist-friendly cans, the 45s.

Personally I can't get enough of them, I literally have their headphones round my neck at all times now. Please, come and check out the specs. If you want a pair, you can get hold of them here and we'll chuck in a pack of Precision Picks too.

Other News

Additionally, a reminder, our Precision Picks are now available in packs of 10 on Amazon UK and available from key retailers around the UK. If you're buying from elsewhere in the world you can still order 5-packs from our site here.


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