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Why choose a thinner pick?

When choosing a pick it's useful to know which will work best for you. Our view is that any pick: should help you play your best and it should enhance your sound.

Different jobs need different tools and sometimes lighter is better (although many swear by the Precision Pick). Our Precision Pick Tapered .70mm is our lightest pick. It retains a thick gripping surface (1mm) which is more comfortable to hold and tapers to a .70mm tip, to give you as much flex as possible.

The main benefit of a light pick is the flex. In short, thinner means quieter / more flexibility / less tension and thicker means louder / more rigidity / tension. So if you're playing hard and find transients hard to manage or experience resistance against the strings, a lighter pick could help. The flex will moderate your input and the pick will more readily slip across strings. But careful of seeking too much flexibility. The more a pick bends, the longer the string contact, and the faster the wear. Our 0.70mm is designed to counter these issues, by staying strong thanks to the taper and has a refined edge to minimise wear.

So if you're looking for something that will still give you great control and precision, but bends to your will, have a think about the thickness you need, lighter could be better!


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