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20 (almost) things to do with a guitar pick

A bit of a silly one, but a guitar pick has saved my bacon on more than one occassions. Here is a list of things a pick could be used for....

1. Do an impression of a walrus 2. Do an impression of a canary 3. Screwdriver 4. Can opener 5. Score a line in paper with a pick and a ruler 6. Make people think it's a special rustproof money 8. The tail of a dart 9. Lego shield 10. The front of a sovereign ring 11. Miniature cheese guillotine 12. Lego sail 13. A royal seal 14. Earrings ( if you have a drill) 15. Playing tiddlytriangularwinks 16. ink stamp 17. Playong bass 18. Playing guitar?

So there you have it. If you want something added drop us a line!


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