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NEW PICKS - Incoming!

I'm proud to announce that over this February and March we're going to be rolling out a series of new pick designs!

These new designs build on our learnings and will help a more diverse range of players benefit from the Precision Pick format. Specifically we've focussed on adding in three areas:

  1. Flexible: We have introduced a more flexible line of picks, the Tapered range. These Precision Picks glide across strings in all applications, featuring our signature grip, blindingly bright colours and a 0.70, 0.80 and 0.99 tip with a solid 1.5mm body to grip.

  2. Premium: Our first foray into alternative materials resulted in creation of our Premium line. This consists of two very different high quality picks with our signature grip, two unique edges that flow across strings, strong 2mm and 3mm bodies and a fantastic translucent design.

  3. XL: Our Precision Picks are still on the smaller side of picks. So we're introducing the XL,. This behemoth gives you an oversized body, our signature grip and a precision edge. Ideal for bigger hands, bass and mandolin.

You'll be able to get your hands on these imminently. As you read, they're on the way to warehouses across the globe for distribution from Amazon! Add to your wish list and expect availability in the UK mid-late February, and the rest of the world mid-late March! In the meantime we'll share more details!

Find out more about each here

Cheers and all the best!



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