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New Products, Videos, Deals

It has been a while! Things are busy which is good. A few brief updates:

Driving home for ... Black Friday

We will be involved. Can't say how yet, but find our store on and when the time is right, have a look!

Amazon multi-buys

We also have a new multi-buy deal on So again, check it out.

The Prototype is awesome

Now I don't know if it's just the beautiful cast acrylic we're using or the fact the are awesome (or both, as customers are telling us), but these are going well. So much so, that we're going to keep running short batches of these in different shapes, sizes, styles! Keep an eye, toxic green is out now. What could be next?!

The future is ... Pink?

Debate! Is PINK the most metal colour on its own, or only with green? We're going to test this very soon!

La Grande

New wooden pick to replace out outgoing tonewood pick, named by Nick from Bad Day Blues Band during testing. First batch are just being finished but what can you say? 4mm of solid bubinga, opens your guitars up! A winner for acoustics!


What? Oh, not sure I meant to put that there? Hmm... We'll see

The Precision Pick

Still the king, I love the new stuff we're making but this thing is a weapon.

The Pick Grabbers

Are flying. People love the idea that it's an epic symbol rather than another brands logo, sitting on your headstock. Get yours!


I've been trawling for videos of our gear being used and happy days there are some great players using our stuff! Check out the media library to find a few clips and see what you think!


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