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Picks, grip and avoiding covid

What do they all have in common? Washing! What? Come on... Ok, writing this small tip as ive seen some spectacularly filthy picks (ever seen a black Precision Pick? I have) and it brought me to something crucial. Hope it helps.

Ever get annoyed that your windscreen is inexplicably dirty on the inside? What about your phone screen getting greasy? Yes, me too. Over time stuff happens and much transfers to everything.

You hold a pick with your fingers, which in turn hold tons of other stuff, clean or grubby. Probably touching that greasy phone, pizza, chicken, tools, oil, you name it. Picks are no different, if you keep holding them they get dirtier, greasier. As small as it may seem, over time the impact of this is a reduction in grip. You suddenly feel you've lost confidence in your pick or worse still, you just grip tighter. That's going to be a problem for your sound and dexterity.

What's the solution? Simple, wash them. for any plastic-type picks, stick them in a bowl with fairy liquid, rinse, dry. The outcome? Grip returned and hopefully a prettier shade of green!

if you made it this far you're probably wondering, what about the link to covid? Simple, wash your hands too!

Washed hands + washed picks = max grip


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